Across the globe, social and environmental factors are creating disruption in our lives, our communities and our countries.  Climate adaptation, value shifts through globalization, increased local and global regulations, and the disruptive nature of technological change are creating concern and opportunities for everyone as we work towards a sustainable future for our planet.

Across rural Canada, the natural resource sector has seen serious impacts.  Sawmills are closing, the mining industry is being challenged and the oil and gas faces a variety of challenges.

At the Columbia Lake Technology Center (CLTC) we see an incredible opportunity to support small communities in preparing for a successful future as economic drivers shift.  For us, Future Proofing has two pillars.  Firstly, by developing, encouraging and supporting sustainable, value-added businesses, we can help to drive an economy that provides meaningful work for many different skill-sets and talents.  Secondly, by creating and collaborating on educational opportunities, we can support a shift in skills and mindsets to prepare our community and region to thrive for generations to come.

At its inception, CLTC was created to bring together a variety of manufacturing and technology related companies to create synergies and efficiencies to encourage growth in jobs and the economy.  Understanding the challenges of our largest cities in housing and infrastructure, our vision and mandate is to create the environment that helps companies to relocate to a more affordable area that capitalizes on the best B.C. has to offer in recreational opportunities.  Key to our strategy is the development of affordable housing for employees.  In a world where the next generation often struggles with home investment, rural living provides an opportunity to live affordably, and raise a family without constant financial stress.

Our high-speed fiber network allows employees and entrepreneurs to access the globe in milli-seconds. 

Whether from a work-live space, a co-working space or the comfort of home, the freedom afforded by a reliable, high speed internet connection is critical to the success of those who become a part of our growing innovation hub.

Within the Kootenays, there exists incredible expertise and passion to drive a thriving sustainable future, and we are proud to be a leader in this conversation.