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Canada's Changing Climate Report

Climate change is an inevitable, terrifying reality of our future on this planet. It is no longer a far-off idea, but something that is affecting our lives every day, particularly as Canadian residents.

On the global scale, Canada’s temperatures are warming twice the rate of the world average (Climate Action 2019). This causes extreme weather patterns, glacial melts, pest infestation, frequent wildfires, and many more disasters that we have not experienced in previous centuries. We’ve already started feeling the changes, but it’s not too late to act. In order to survive the coming years, we must turn towards sustainable lifestyles. The province of British Columbia has goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% between 2007 and 2050 (Climate Action 2019). As we begin to progress through the timeframe, there are changes that need to be made to lifestyle, health, and business. In order to succeed at remodelling our ways of life, we must look at new approaches of energy production and usage, development, and overall lifestyle.

Columbia Lake Technology Center not only acknowledges the presence and detriment of climate change, but we are innovating solutions and taking proactive steps to adapt to and to combat our already changing futures.

We’ve been educated on how the climate in Canal Flats will be shifting in the coming years. One workshop we attended was Columbia Basin Trust’s Climate Action Program with Meredith Hamstead. She did an excellent job of promoting the conversation within our community. Columbia Basin Trust can also provide grants to those looking to adapt and combat climate change (Climate Action Grants 2019). Columbia Lake Tech Center is also accounting for the environmental changes that are predicted to occur due to climate change. Columbia Lake Tech understands that the climate will impact community development and well-being, and wants to be prepared for any environmental changes that may occur either today, or years from now.

CBT Climate Action Program

Water Levels

One of the environmental concerns that we are investigating in Canal Flats is the water levels. The Columbia Valley is fortunate because of its accessible and quantitative water sources. As droughts and wildfires become more abundant throughout North America, water becomes as valuable as gold. The amount of water in the area can become a concern though because the rise and fall of water levels within the river may become more drastic, and the dike within Canal Flats may not be able to support the shifts. By already formulating and preparing to implement solutions to protect the town from possible flooding caused by extreme weather, we’re ahead of the game. We’re looking forward to continuous work with the town to keep the community safe. And although we are putting down the groundwork for climate adaptation, we’re not succumbing to climate change as an unavoidable reality.

Less is Best 

In the terms of the Climate Action Program, Columbia Lake Tech Center is aware that “the less we emit, the less we have to adapt” and therefore we are taking action today. Currently, as partners with PodTech, we are using green BC hydroelectric energy in an efficient and calculated manner and looking at future ways to create a circular economy with leftover energy and heat. By doing this, we will be reducing the greenhouse gas emissions which accelerate climate change. Columbia Lake Tech Center is also exploring building spaces that follow the 5 Step Code, using cross-laminated timber. This timber is not only created in a sustainable and green manner, but aids in the energy efficiency of the buildings through thermal insulation. By initiating sustainable projects, Columbia Lake Tech is helping lead the way in the technology industry. Join us in pursuing in a thriving, sustainable economy for not only current, but future generations.

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