Kicking off June at Columbia Lake

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What incredible energy and village spirit showed up at Canal Days this weekend! We were thrilled to be a part of the excitement and fun. Canal Days is an event in Canal Flats that lasts over the span of 6 days at the beginning of June. It is all about celebrating their community and the amazing lifestyle Canal Flats has to offer. Gathering for a series of community events, from bingo to a keg float, and a car show to a duct tape boat race, the village is filled with joy and laughter.

The week starts out with games and activities for the youth. Wednesday holds a youth Bingo and all the kids go out for a bit of competitive fun. On Thursday the competition levels up with the Amazing Race, and the youth run through town in tied-dyed shirts representing their team colours. Hope you cheered them on in all their wild costumes if you saw them! The following day, delicious cookies were baked by the kids, eaten, and voted on by the families of the community. No complaints by anyone there! As the weekend edged closer, activities for the adults began too. Starting with bingo and keg drinking on Thursday they were ready to start more competitions on Friday. That competition being the keg float. Anyone who wanted to participate guessed the time it took for the keg to float down the river, and whoever was closest won! Lots of celebration and laughter present watching the keg tumble through the rapids as the paddlers tried to keep up.

Parade Car Show Live Music

The weekend is where most of the fun started! Saturday was jammed pack with activities. The day started with a delicious pancake breakfast, and from the morning to the late afternoon kids were running around and playing games, the beer garden was packed with music lovers, and softball was being played. A parade of gorgeous floats toured the town later on, throwing candy to all the ecstatic children and young-hearted adults. Next the car show came in, with some impressive cars ranging in age, makes, and models. In the evening the burnout pit was a hit! Who doesn’t love smoke, rubber, and a good show? That night there was a dance in the community hall, and everyone came together to have a few drinks and dance the night away. There was live music by the Mile High Club, and it was thoroughly enjoyed as Saturday came to a close and Sunday began.

Columbia Lake Tech @ Canal Days3
Columbia Lake Tech @ Canal Days3
Columbia Lake Tech @ Canal Days3

Duct Tape Really is All Purpose!

Columbia Lake Tech @ Canal Days3

Sunday was enjoyed by all because one of the most entertaining parts of Canal Days, the Duct Tape Boat Race, takes place. In the weeks before Canal Days groups gather to create their ultimate boat from cardboard and duct tape. The boats that showed up were phenomenal. The creativity of creating animals with decorations and the varying shapes of hulls made for an entertaining show. From capsizing, to paddling strong, to calling “man overboard” often, everyone had a blast. Definitely a favourite and a great way to finish the celebrations of Canal Days. If you have ideas on how to make the fastest cardboard boat, are a part of a softball team, or love a great community event join us next year! The food is great, the weather is better, the water is warm, and the people are amazing.

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