The Buzz at 4957

At 4957 Burns Avenue in Canal Flats, the air is full of energy and change. Columbia Lake Base Camp is preparing to be a thriving hub of community business and social activity. Renovations are almost complete, leases are being signed, and space is filling up.

In the middle of Canal Flats, the hub’s location is ideal for providing service to the town and creating a space for locals to gather. Supporting businesses and bringing amenities, Columbia Lake Base Camp is excited to be in the heart of the community.

Viibrant Cafe in Canal Flats, BC

The hub is home to businesses such as real estate, the events center, and a coffee shop. The coffee shop, Viibrant Earth Café & Bistro promises to be a welcoming space for locals and tourists alike. We can’t wait to go for lunch! Check out the ad in the Canal Flats newsletter. Keep an eye on the newsletter, as new businesses continue to sign on quickly.

Canal Flats Community Newsletter

Columbia Lake Base Camp also includes a work-out gym and single suites to rent. The suites are compact, clean and will include storage space in the basement for bikes and kayaks.

This project gives us the chance to house so many essential services to our community under one roof, allowing us to create a new hub in town for community members to gather and enjoy.

-Josh Power
Project Manager, Columbia Lake Base Camp

Indeed, Columbia Lake Base Camp will be the ideal place to meet, shop, and connect in Canal Flats. We look forward seeing you at its fall opening!

And importantly: there are still a few units unspoken for. If you would like to rent a space for your business in this new hub, please contact Anne Larson at (250) 688-0187. Grab a space while you can!

We’re big on being ahead of the curve. You too?

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