Modular Data Centers – Say What?

We live in an ever-evolving world, and with the continuous and constant advances in technology, it’s changing faster than we’ve ever seen. Thirty years ago, the World Wide Web hadn’t been invented, and now we live in an age of artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and drones. In order to not only meet the needs of these technological advances, but further enhance and adapt to them, PodTech Innovation Inc. was formed. PodTech is an ingenious and responsive company which designs, builds and operates prefabricated modular datacenters.

PodTech - MegaPods
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Designed as a cutting-edge datacenter, the first version called a MegaPod can be used in numerous data processing applications. It is able to support and sustain servers specifically designed for cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, render, and internet of things. It’s particularly unique because it is easily transportable. Created out of 8 shipping containers, this datacenter can be efficiently transported worldwide, or remain in the town in which it was fabricated. Even better, the MegaPods are high-performing. With a Power Use Effectiveness engineered to 1.08, they are extremely efficient. PUE is important because it is the rating of the energy efficiency of a data center, expressed as a ratio. The excellent efficiency of the MegaPod is possible through the temperature control system that was designed to either emit or recirculate the warm air produced by the servers, and cool outside air being brought into the system. This temperature control system is able to effectively maintain servers at their optimal temperature, which is of utmost importance to the functioning of the servers within the datacenter. PodTech is focused on both creating excellent products and being environmentally conscious. Located in Canal Flats, British Columbia, PodTech is able to use renewable hydroelectric energy to supply their datacenters, creating less of a carbon footprint.

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Manufacturing + Megapods

In Canal Flats, PodTech has an advanced manufacturing facility and a site for MegaPod usage. The manufacturing facility was created on an old sawmill site. The sawmill was shut down in 2015, leaving many people unemployed. Through the construction of the PodTech Factory and the continual manufacturing of the MegaPods and other industrial equipment, PodTech brought jobs to rural BC. Community development is a concern to PodTech, and through this operation over 30 full-time jobs were created in the community of Canal Flats. This factory also has further capacity in production. Not only is it able to produce datacenters, but it has the space, employees, equipment and technologies to build drones as well as modular housing. The PodTech Factory not only has a wide range of production potentials but has the resources to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The factory is on 70 acres of land that is also part of a farm for the MegaPods. This farm has 30 megawatts of power flowing directly into it. That’s enough energy to power 600 000 lightbulbs with a fifty-watt rating!

Whether you’re looking for a place to manufacture and test drones or a host for your cryptocurrency miners, we invite you to consider PodTech in Canal Flats. With the reputable leadership of Brian Fehr, Greg Reimer, Tim Dufour, and Brian Fry, along with CEO Mark Halwa, PodTech is sure to advance and continue to be a world leader in the technology industry and you could be a part of it. Don’t get left behind!

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