40-Child Licence Childcare Centre

New Childcare Center in Canal Flats

Exciting news of growth has come to the Village of Canal Flats, in the form of a brand new 40-child licence childcare centre. Canal Flats received grants from the Union of BC Municipalities’ Community Child Care Space Creation Program, of $970 000, and the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development’s Childcare BC New Spaces Fund, of $639 000, as well as the donation of a property from Columbia Lake Technology Center, which will all contribute to the new facility. The Village has guaranteed the operation of this facility for a minimum of 15 years, as it is an important investment.

A childcare centre is not only exciting but also truly needed for Canal Flats. As the community continues to grow with new businesses, new families enter in, whether through employment or by creating their own businesses. By having a childcare centre available, parents will be able to work, continuing growth of businesses within the community, while ensuring excellent care for their children. With easily accessible quality education, Canal Flats is a prime area for young families. Martin Morigeau Elementary School is an amazing school to learn at, with dedicated teachers and staff who promote optimal learning environments. The childcare facility plans to allow for afterschool care for these children as well as for their younger siblings during the day.

“Licensed childcare is a proven major need in our community”.

Mayor Karl Sterzer

Between the advancing businesses, quality education, and affordable housing available, Canal Flats is the perfect place to for new families to lay down roots.

The facility will accommodate infants, toddlers, and school aged children with a focus on inclusivity and diversity.

The childcare facility itself will be quite impressive. With a building designed optimally for childcare and built new, it is the perfect facility. There are plans to incorporate indigenous culture into the childcare programs, offer services to new Canadians, and have extra support available for children who could benefit from it. Provincial childcare subsidies will also be offered, allowing for further inclusivity for community members.

This project is particularly close to the heart of Columbia Lake Technology Centre because we believe it is important to invest in our children so that the future of Canal Flats can flourish. We have continually worked alongside the elementary school to bring in opportunities for technology education amongst the students, from offering coding programs to donating iPads and robotics equipment. Having a childcare centre that accommodate the expansion of the younger demographic and working families encourages us. We are excited about this new step Canal Flats is taking, and eagerly anticipate the energy it brings to our community!

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