Clean Energy BC Conference in Trail

Clean Energy BC

The Powering Generation: Legacy to the Future conference was filled with learning and problem solving, and we are excited to see the results of the collaboration across the Kootenays.

We were thrilled to attend Clean Energy BC’s Powering Generations: Legacy to the Future Conference in Trail, BC this week and were honoured to have a role showcasing talent and teaching new ideas to our fellow Kootenay companies. The Powering Generations Conference is an opportunity for educators, companies, engineers, politicians and First Nations to come together, connect, share, and collaborate on how to develop rural BC while using clean energy. Clean energy, also known as renewable energy, is necessary for our future generations.

The Powering Generation: Legacy to the Future conference was filled with learning and problem solving, and we are excited to see the results of the collaboration across the Kootenays.

“But most importantly, I am the grandmother of four. And that is why we’re here today.” Sophie Pierre

Sophie Pierre, of the Ktunaxa Nation, is one of the many inspiring leaders that spoke at the conference. She did a wonderful job of reminding the conference that each one of us, individually and as a collective, has a responsibility to all living things. Her speech emphasized that we are not entitled to have the life we live. We have a responsibility to help earth now, and to preserve it for future generations.

Dr. Andrew Weaver also addressed this theme, speaking of the reliance of future generations on the decisions we make today, asking us “Do we, the present generation, care anything for the future generations of the environment we leave behind? Yes or no?”. This allowed the audience to ponder and cement in the reason they were at the conference this week, to create solutions ensure a future on our planet is realistic.

Andrew Weaver

“The decisions we make today are critical for the pathways we set forth” – Dr. Andrew Weaver

Columbia Lake Tech Sharing Ideas

Columbia Lake Technology Center (CLTC) and PodTech not only attended the conference but were privileged to share their ideas and solutions with other influential community members. Josh Power of Columbia Lake Holdings spoke on Cross-Laminated Timber and Passive Homes, explaining that with this new technology, the Kootenays could become carbon neutral. The construction of homes with CLT allows for extreme energy efficiency, and lack of energy waste.

BC Energy Step Code Logo

These ideas tie well into the 5-Step Code being implemented in British Columbia, that was presented by Patricia Dehnel. This technology will be implemented into some of the new buildings being built in Canal Flats by CLTC. Lorri Fehr and Brian Fry of CLTC and PodTech started by explaining the history of the company and the history of economics in British Columbia, reminding us that we are people with deep roots in environmental industries and to continue this we must also protect our environment. They explained the CLTC plan on how we can revive rural BC using clean energy.

Columbia Lake Tech and PodTech are thankful to be located in an area where clean energy is an option.

Many other datacenters are powered by coal and other energies that contribute greatly to the greenhouse gases being released in the environment. However, PodTech is able to run solely off of hydroelectric energy, which makes them a leader in both technology and the environment. Lorri and Brian spoke to the importance of using our natural resources to drive sustainable economic development in our rural communities.  By using this resource with care, we can add value to our communities and strengthen our province as a whole.

Columbia Lake Tech at BC Clean Energy Conference

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