No longer can oil be counted on to be a major controlling driver of our national economy. While oil has pushed our economy forwards, the tides are now shifting.  The industrial economy is being outpaced by the informational economy. Unlike the industrial economy, the informational economy is not based on physical objects but rather on knowledge. Knowledge is the raw material that can be processed to have value. This is data. The data we produce controls our everyday lives. Like oil, the possibilities for usage are practically endless; data controls the way our phones function, the advertisements we see and the GPS route we take to our next location.  Data informs and influences all of our decisions. Through information processing, data is a major society influencer, making it an extremely powerful commodity. The challenge is that data in itself is useless. It must be processed to have value to you, for example for the ‘Internet of Things’ to function or even for phones to operate spellcheck. This processing takes energy.

The act of processing large quantities of data is typically done by servers within a data center. These centers are highly controlled for moisture, temperature, and dust because of the servers’ sensitivities. Because of the abundance in servers within a center, an abundance in energy is required. Much of our energy has traditionally come from fossil fuels as they make up 80%of the energy used globally. Most data centers are primarily powered by coal, which has detrimental impacts on the environment. When burned, coal releases sulfur dioxide, which can cause acid rain and extreme air pollution, and carbon dioxide, which contributes greatly to climate change.

Enter PodTech, a sustainable solution for data centers!  Unlike most data centers – and most of the world – PodTech’s data centers are powered by renewable energy, replacing environmentally harmful energy sources such as fossil fuels.

As the climate continues to warm and our governments respond by tightening the restrictions of carbon footprints on companies and corporations, the ability to maintain green and clean data becomes more and more important. Without the ability to run data centers off of renewables, we will no longer be able to produce artificial intelligence, control the ‘Internet of Things’, or even use our smartphones to the extent we currently do.  The thriving informational industry must take steps towards becoming green, and Columbia Lake Technology Center is proud to have partnered with PodTech, a leader in clean, green, world-class data centers for the next generation of computing.